City of Pleasant Hill

General Plan 2040

City of Pleasant Hill

General Plan 2040

Existing Conditions and Trends Workbook Now Available!

This Workbook tells the story of Pleasant Hill – where it has been, where it is today, and the trends that will shape its future.

Click here to download the Workbook or head over to the documents page.


Upcoming  meeting: GPAC Meeting #3

September 25, 2019

City Hall, Large Community Room
100 Gregory Lane
4:00-6:00 PM

Online Exercises Now Available!

Didn't get a chance to stop by the General Plan Pop-up Booth at Sunday Concerts on the Lake? 

Don't fret. The General Plan Team has posted both interactive exercises online. Click here to begin providing your input today! 

The Journey Begins Here


The General Plan Update is a pivotal opportunity to shape the future of Pleasant Hill.  Through the Update process, the City and consulting team, with input from the public and stakeholders, will consider many new, pertinent topics, including climate change, adaptation, and public health, to ensure Pleasant Hill is positioned to achieve its vision for the future.

As this project progresses, this website will be your primary source for information related to the General Plan Update, including an overview of the basics of a general plan to get you oriented to this process,  project documents, and meeting dates and times.

The General Plan Process

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